WATCH: Pianist plays soothing tunes for animals

WATCH: Pianist plays soothing tunes for animals

In Thailand, a British musician has made it his duty to provide local wildlife with some good music.

Monkey music

The people of KZN are no strangers to the lovely animal friends that can be found throughout the province.

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Snakes, the big five, birds, and, of course, the most notoriously naughty ones, the monkeys.

Carol Ofori has made the move from Johannesburg, which is more of a concrete jungle, to Durban, which is definitely bustling with wildlife.

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She's even mentioned some of her first experiences here and is now on a permanent alert for any furry friends that may cross her path.

But it turns out that sometimes all these little rascals might need are a few smooth jams!

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A long-time resident of Thailand, Paul Barton, has taken it upon himself to provide some much needed calm to the areas where the macaques live.

Although he might receive a few tugs on his hair, and have his sheet music munched on, he continues to play his piano.

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And why exactly has he decided to play piano for the monkeys?

While the coronavirus pandemic has been in full swing, the usually busy tourist attractions have been quiet.

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Which means fewer visitors feeding them and fewer funds to help provided for their welfare.

When the macaques are calm and less aggressive, they tend to eat better and now more than ever they need to eat properly and remain healthy.

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Barton fully believes that classical music, like Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven, does just that and that it can play a major part in the rehabilitation process.

But the macaques are not his only animal fans.

He's also played for some bigger audiences, literally:

Isn't that just music to your ears!

Main image courtesy of YouTube

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