Watch what this dad does when he sees his daughter doesn't have a dance partner

Watch what this dad does when he sees his daughter doesn't have a dance partner

Completely priceless moment between dad and daughter...

Young kids dancing at school concert
Young kids dancing at school concert/Instagram Screenshot/@goodnews_movement

We can never get enough of daddy/daughter moments. 

Not only are they adorable and oh so sweet, but they are also so wholesome and honest. 

And when we see these wholesome moments, they just remind us that life is quite simple...

Appreciate the genuine, pure, and honest interactions we are given and saviour the present because it is all we are really promised. 

In this case, it was a young girl who was participating in what we believe to be is her school concert. 

At one point of the dance, each child is paired up with a partner. 

But this little girl dances alone because it seems there is an odd number of kids participating. 

However, she doesn't stop or fret, she continues to dance, owning it all the while. 

Dad obviously sees this and is a complete gentleman. 

He runs up to the stage and partners up with his little girl. 

We won't really know what this moment will do for this young child. It can be the most impressionable moment of her childhood. 

Showing her that she never has to dance alone, and that her father supports her no matter what. 

Truly priceless...

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