WATCH: A school of young talent got us on groupie mode...

WATCH: A school of young talent got us on groupie mode...

A year-end concert from school kids in the Free State has us jiving to the beat...

WATCH: A school of young talent got us on groupie mode...
Facebook Screenshot/@Trompsburg Primêre Skool

We all remember school concerts to be the most exciting thing during our school years. But now our excitement has turned to our children and somehow concerts bring with them a whole new meaning. 

It brings excitement, but it also brings a slight bit of stress, in that we have to add yet another thing to our list of things to do. But the excitement always trumps everything when we see them perform and it is all worth it. 

This school concert really didn't bring in all the bells and whistles with the decorations and the costumes, but they concentrated on the talent. And, after all, isn't that what it should be about, celebrating talent and love for working together and celebrating the end of another year?

In the small town of Tromspburg, 120 kilometres southwest of Bloemfontein, there is a school by the name of Trompsburg Primêre Skool. It is here that a couple of kids got to show off their talent and, damn, did they knock their performance out the park!

WATCH the video of their performance below, courtesy of Facebook:

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Their performance was magic and we couldn't have said it better than Cape Town Etc.: "It's the easy coolness of our young guitar player doing his thing like he’s been in the business for over 30 years, the beats of the drummer, the swiftness of the little pianist and of course – the crown jewel of the show, the vocals of the lead singer that all together made something all South Africans and the late Mr Cash should all be proud of." 

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