WATCH: A wedding entrance fail for the newly ordained Mister and Missus...

WATCH: A wedding entrance fail for the newly ordained Mister and Missus

A wedding day fail that ended up being memorable nevertheless...

WATCH: A wedding entrance fail for the newly ordained Mister and Missus...
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Most wedding couples envision their big day to be unique, epic, unforgettable, and priceless. But most of the time many couples get carried away with the dramatics, and forget about the true meaning of the day. 

It is a day that is meant to be memorable for all the sentiment; for the love and the meaning that come with the union. The romance of it all is what's most important. However, going big is the route we see many brides and bridegrooms take. 

In essence, it becomes about creating a spectacle and outdoing others rather than making it about the sentiment. 

Of course, this is all a matter of opinion, because maybe going big and being extravagant is part of who they are as people. It isn't abnormal to want to be trendy and outstanding but we definitely think it has its limitations. 

For instance, this couple decided that it was important for them to be unique. To make a statement as they entered their wedding reception, because making an entrance sets the tone on what kind of couple they are, and certainly leaves lasting impressions. What happened to them definitely left an impression... 

"The newlyweds decided that the best way to make sure people spoke about their wedding for years afterward was to get on a crane for their entrance into the reception.

While their plan appeared to be great, it turned into a disaster went they bizarrely fell from the large crane mid entrance." (MSN)

A video of their entrance has been shared on Instagram, with the overlay text reading, "Too much of fancy ideas can ruin everything." The thing is, we are not sure if they gave it a full thought process, because cranes aren't exactly known for their elegance and gentle delivery...

WATCH their not so elegant entrance or drop into their reception...

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