SEE: Guests at this wedding paid R70 per slice to help bridal couple pay for wedding cake!

SEE: Guests at this wedding paid R70 per slice to help bridal couple pay for wedding cake!

Would you pay for a slice of wedding cake?

SEE: The guests at this wedding paid R50,00 per cake slice to help the bridal couple pay for the wedding cake!
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If you are married, then you know that no matter how small or big you decide to have your wedding, the costs add up and somehow it becomes an expensive affair. 

Many couples decide to go big, while others prefer to keep it intimate. No matter the path the bride and groom decide to take, we think that the guests should not be held responsible for any of the costs. It is a day of celebration and tradition depicts that they bring a gift, so why would they have to pay more than that?

One guest turned to Reddit to share his experience at a wedding. Of course, we all know that the wedding day is all about the bridal couple and making sure that they are happy. But what happens if both the bride and the groom are extreme? 

We guess this happens...

This Reddit user shared that he received a message from the bride saying that he needed to pay for the extra slice of wedding cake that he had at the wedding. At first he thought it was a joke that each of the guests had to pay for a slice of the wedding cake, but no, it was real...

As real as £3.66 a slice, which is roughly R70,00 a slice. We cannot imagine what that must've been like, walking up to the cake table to grab a slice of cake and then being told you have to pay...

The guest (Reddit user) obviously thought that once he paid he could have another slice. But it seems things got super awkward when the bride texted him saying that he owed for another slice. 

The text read as follows:

"Hey so we were just looking at the CCTV and saw that you had two pieces of the wedding cake. We announced that each guest must pay per slice and noticed that you only paid for the one. Can you please send the £3.66 ($A6.80) ASAP." (MSN)

Wow! Uh, awkward... Like what are you supposed to say to that exactly? We are not sure what he eventually did but we wanted to know what you would do if you were in the same situation?

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