Triplets fall pregnant at the same time - True Story!

WATCH: Triplet sisters fall pregnant at the same time

The bond between sisters can be so profound and it can literally be life-changing, especially when the bond translates into real-life. 

WATCH: Triplet sisters are pregnant at the same time
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There have been moments in life where we truly believe that our bonds with our siblings can translate into real-life things happening, like saying the same thing at the same time or being syncing in when it comes to your watch party list, even having the same songs on your playlist. 

When it comes to sisterly bonds, we know that Carol Ofori can completely relate because her bestie is her sister. Their bond is built on fun, laughter, and true sisterly love. 

LISTEN to Carol call her sister for #NationalBestFriends Day...

Three sisters from California, USA, who happen to also be triplets, share a bond so strong that they are pregnant together. The triplets, "Gina, Nina, and Victoria say they were born four minutes apart and they’ve shared many milestones over the years," 10 News reports.

In a time where anything is possible, the 35-year-old sisters managed to coordinate (somewhat) their pregnancies together after they found out that the one sibling was pregnant. 

The sisters are excited to be sharing such a priceless experience together.

"When the bundles of joy arrive, the sisters say they will even out the number of nieces and nephews – three boys and three girls. Though, they say that part wasn’t planned," 10 News adds.

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