WATCH: Toddler ‘faints’ after being caught drawing on walls

WATCH: Toddler ‘faints’ after being caught drawing on walls

After getting in trouble for redecorating the bathroom with her art, this toddler turns on the theatrics as she is reprimanded – and it’s hilarious!

Toddler 'faints'

In a video that has fast gone viral on social media, a little girl has had an interesting reaction to being reprimanded after she was caught redecorating the bathroom with a bright red crayon.

The video, which has been shared thousands of times, shows the girl standing with a sponge in her hand after drawing flowers and other designs in a red crayon all over the white bathtub, sink, toilet, and shower in the family bathroom.

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What has had the country in stitches, however, is her reaction to being caught. Knowing she did wrong, the toddler thought that the best thing she could do to win brownie points again is to play dead and nailed a dramatic fainting scene.

Parents around the country resonated with the video because children drawing on walls, furniture or the entire bathroom is something that has happened in many households.

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Facebook users seem to have bonded over the drama that comes with having children and admit that raising kids is not an easy task. However, viewers praised this toddler for her brilliant acting skills – with some even suggesting that she take acting professionally because of her hilarious and witty response.

Watch the video that has everybody talking below:

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Image Credit: Facebook/Msa Ntaka II

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