WATCH: Schoolboy crosses river on his hands!

WATCH: Schoolboy crosses river on his hands!

A schoolboy is caught on video crossing a river and we applaud his flexibility and African resilience. 

Schoolboy crosses river on his hands

The logic that is applied by this youthful schoolboy in getting across a riverbank on his way to school just leaves us feeling a sense of pride. 

Why? Well, who can say that they were this resourceful in getting to school without messing up their uniform? 

The video shows the athleticism of this young man and it's remarkable that he manages to come out on the other side mess-free! 

MSN recorded some comments from social media users who were left in astonishment at his actions and some even went on to say that he represented "an African resilient heart".  

Do you have any out-of-this-world stories about how you used to get to school? 

Image Courtesy of iStock

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