WATCH: This party was lit... and so was the birthday girl's hair!

WATCH: This party was lit... and so was the birthday girl's hair!

Was this really a HAPPY birthday?

Birthday girl's hair is on fire
Birthday girl's hair is on fire/Instagram Screenshot/@allfails

Birthday parties are the best. 

As the birthday girl, you know the day is all about you, especially with everyone making you feel super special. 

With the advent of social media, birthdays have become even better, as we get to see moments like this...

A video on Instagram shows a young girl at a restaurant with friends, celebrating her birthday. As everyone sings for her in a cheery way, she proceeds to take a seat at the birthday cake with a lit candle. 

She looks like a teenager, because she gives off an awkward look before sitting down. 

Her hair is long and left untied. As she leans in to sit, something expected but unexpected happens...

WATCH the video for yourself and see what happens. Courtesy of Instagram

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Did you see that? There are some things that stood out for us, well, besides the fact that her hair caught alight. 

For one, no one else seemed to notice that her hair was on fire, especially the person videoing. 

Plus she managed to just brush out the fire with ease by running her fingers through her hair. Didn't that burn her? 

After Nicole Richie shared her 40th birthday video, where the same thing happened to her, there should definitely be a rule against having your hair untied when it's your birthday and it's time for blowing out the candles...

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