WATCH: That moment when mum, Rachel Kolisi tries to block your game and you none the wiser

WATCH: That moment when mum, Rachel Kolisi tries to block your game and you're none the wiser

Rachel Kolisi shows us her fun side when she posted a video of her pranking her son on Instagram. 

WATCH: Rachel Kolisi pranks her son
Instagram Screenshot/@RachelKolisi

We all have those fun moments where we want to just play around and have a laugh with the family. Nowadays we tend to look for those innocent moments of fun that help us remember the light heartedness of life. 

Rachel Kolisi, wife to Rugby star, Siya Kolisi, shared a funny video on her Instagram recently that showed her fun side as a mum and also revealed a lot about her son and her parenting as a mother. 

Nowadays we are overwhelmed with kids who shout and throw tantrums whether in public spaces or in the privacy of their own homes, it is disappointing and somewhat scary to witness. 

We are left with a pit at the bottom of our tummies, hoping that we don't have to go through that as parents, and so when it comes to parenting, we try our best to be the best we can be. 

So when we saw Rachel pull this prank on her son and watch him not talk back or nag her, it was a welcomed and positive reflection of his upbringing and the Kolisi way of parenting. 

Without any further ado, we wanted to share this video with you so you could witness the cuteness of this little boy who just wants to play his rugby match and keeps getting blocked, literally. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Instagram): 

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