LISTEN: Carol Ofori’s son accidently buys 30 fans on Amazon

LISTEN: Carol Ofori’s son accidently buys 30 fans on Amazon

After buying her son a tablet, Carol Ofori shares how he accidentally made a purchase off Amazon – and the story is hilarious!

Carol Ofori & her son Sena

Kids do the darnest things! Carol Ofori and her husband recently bought a tablet for their five-year-old son Sena off American retail giant Amazon. In order to use the tablet, however, you need to have an Amazon account. Having still kept her account details linked to the account, her son made an accidental purchase of 30 fans – and Carol was not impressed.

“My husband is a techie and he buys a lot of things online,” Carol explains. “My son, Sena, is also a fan of fans, air cons and speakers. If he walks into the room and there is a speaker, he will notice it before you even notice that the room has speakers. He has noticed the ones at Gateway and I now know that they are square and long. He is also into air cons and knows where all of the air vents are. He’s just that guy.”

But, Sena’s curiosity got the better of him when he accidentally bought 30 fans from the online store. “Recently, he was playing on his tablet and asked me to pause the TV show I was watching because the tablet was not picking up his voice. He says the world ‘fan’ and I just hear [noises] and then he carries on,” she says.

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Carol realizes that her son was on Amazon and was using the voice activation feature to shop. “He doesn’t know how to read or write so he figured out that he can use his voice to search for things on the app,” Carol continues.

Worryingly, Carol gives her husband a heads up who assures her that everything is okay. A few weeks later, Sena tells Carol that the app isn’t working and asked her to figure out what went wrong. Carol asks her husband to check it out who tells her that Sena accidentally purchases three fans from America and that they were in the process of being shipped and he has to contact Amazon because 30 more were about to be shipped.

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Listen to the hilarious story below:

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