WATCH: A maths teacher is using rap to teach students about decimals

WATCH: A maths teacher is using rap to teach students about decimals

Using different and unique methods of teaching is what sets good teachers apart from great teachers...

WATCH: A Math Teacher is using 'rap' to teach students about decimals...
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Learning can be described as different for everyone. Learning styles can be varied, some learners are visual, others are more auditory, and some can even be described as preparatory where they want to research and even reproduce what they have learnt so that it sticks in their minds. 

Regardless of the types of learners, the main aim of many teachers is to find a teaching style that works for their students. When a teacher finds that style, then it is considered a big win for both the teacher and the student.  

A teacher in the US decided to use a musical approach to teaching students about decimals. The maths teacher, Thomas Mayfield, created a rap to teach his students about the somewhat tricky subject. 

When it comes to celebrating our teachers, there is always that one teacher that went over and above to make sure that we left the classroom having learned something that added some value to us. 

We truly believe that it takes just one person to believe in you for you to soar in life and become what you are meant to be. This is especially true of our teachers, those ones that give that extra love, care, and commitment. 

Tell us the name of that special teacher that you connected with when you were in school, or perhaps it's that teacher for your kid/s that's making a huge difference. 

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