WATCH: Little girl shocks her parents when they question her about a boy

WATCH: Little girl shocks her parents when they question her about a boy

Ooh, girl, you got confidence!

Little girl talks to her father confidently
Little girl talks to her father confidently/TikTok Screenshot/@nicci.naidoo

We cannot say with confidence that we were able to tell our fathers about the boys we liked as young girls. 

Well, come to think about it, as older girls, too. 

It was more of a safety concern than anything else. Because you know how dads are with their daughters, they will forever be their precious princesses, regardless of their age. 

This little girl, who is the cutest by the way, is videoed as her dad questions her about a young boy who was standing with her. 

Where and when is undetermined in the video, but the interaction happened. 

As daddy asks her about the little boy and why he was so close to her, she denies standing close to him. It's the hand in the air while she responds for us...

Questioning your toddlers is like building a puzzle at times, you have to put things together and decipher what they mean. 

So as she walks away saying she was not standing near him, her dad takes this to mean that the little boy initiated coming close to her. 

And then the unthinkable happens...

She turns to her father and says confidently, the words that no dad wants to hear. Discovering that you are no longer the peach of your baby girl's eyes can be heart shattering...

But it's mom's reaction to her words that left us laughing...

If you know, then you know. Mamas, you know how it is with your sons...

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WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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