Girl dad! Dwayne Johnson gushes over daughter’s huge win

Girl dad! Dwayne Johnson gushes over daughter’s huge win

"She’s passionate about riding and passionate about animals" - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a proud dad. 

Dwayne Johnson and his children
Dwayne Johnson and his daughter Jasmine/Instagram (therock)

The world knows him as ‘The Rock’, but his daughters call him 'Papa, T-Rex'. Dwayne Johnson is proud to be a "girl dad" and regularly gushes about his daughters - Jasmine 'Jazzy' Lia and Tiana 'Tia' Gia - on social media. 

The actor took to Instagram this week to praise Jazzy for a big achievement. The six-year-old won a horse riding competition.

"So proud of our little one and her commitment to putting in the work to achieve her accomplishments. I love that she has a competitive fire (wonder who she gets that from) but she’s not obsessed with winning," Dwayne captioned a picture from the competition. 

The 'Jumanji' star says he loves that his daughter is finding her passion. 

"The quality that I love is that she’s passionate about riding and passionate about animals. As her father, that’s one of the qualities that makes me most proud to see her developing — finding her PASSION. That’s one of the things we all want for our babies - for them to find their passions and run towards that burning light. #proudpapaTRe

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Dwayne shares Jazzy and Tia with his wife, Lauren Hashian. They call their girls "little tornadoes". 

Dwayne also has an older daughter named Simone Johnson. She followed in her famous dad's footsteps and became a wrestler. She signed her first WWE contract in 2020. 

Dwayne celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this month. Jazzy and Tia were on hand to make the day extra special.

"My two little tornadoes made my birthday so special. I walked thru the door to a huge D.A.D. surprise made out of and they jumped in my arms in their little Polynesian dresses. Every man wants a son, but everyone man NEEDS a daughter. (yes, that’s a massive pile of homemade birthday brownies and cookies that had no chance of survival once we blew these candles out," the 'Baywatch' actor wrote. 

Lauren celebrated her husband's birthday by highlighting what an amazing father and husband he is. 

"The perfect day spent celebrating our true rock. The one who lights our faces up when he walks in the door. The one who gives the BEST hugs and makes us feel safest in his arms. Aside from ALL of the other things he does... 

"And who makes us feel pretty special when no matter how hard we try to plan you a big party, especially for a milestone birthday, you still say 'No party, I just want to be with YOU guys'.  WE LOVE YOU BABY, DADDY, BABY DADDY, HUSBAND, MM, DWAYNE, DEWEY, ROCK, everything you mean to so many. To us, you’re the world!!! Happy Happy Birthday MM!" she wrote. 

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