WATCH: Incredible footage of great white sharks feeding on a whale carcass

WATCH: Incredible footage of great white sharks feeding on a whale carcass

The sharks were on a feeding frenzy in the rare clip – and it’s spectacular to watch.


Here in KZN, we know just how dangerous the great white shark can be. The animals are incredibly fast and have rows of razor-sharp teeth that have made them one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. Showcasing their power, a fisherman filmed some of these majestic hunters feeding on a whale carcass – and the footage is incredible.

Captain Chip Michalove, who runs Outcast Sport Fishing, heard that a carcass of a North Atlantic right whale had been spotted off the coast of South Carolina. Knowing that some great white sharks would, realistically, use the opportunity to feed, he decided to venture out and find the great white sharks to tag for scientific research.

At 3am, he and his crew set out to sea and when they arrived at the carcass, they found a “conveyor belt of large great whites” enjoying a feast.

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"We thought this may be one of the craziest things we've ever done,” Captain Michalove says adding that the day became “one of the best days of my life” after he saw “one great white shark after another” feeding on the whale.

Captain Michalove, who has a permit to tag and release sharks, shared the exceptional footage on his Instagram page. “Maybe one of the best days I've been alive today. So much work went into finding this whale, and the payoff was one I'll never forget,” he tagged the post. "From 9am till we left it was one great white shark after another. Part of the time we hooked and tagged, other times we just watched."

Speaking to For The Win, he said: "I've never seen anything like it, sharks were circling our boat for the entire eight hours. They were biting the boat, pushing the boat, and biting the motors so much we had to pull the motors out of the water."

He adds "I never felt nervous. There were just so many in the area that it was more interesting to observe than to catch."

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Captain Michalove explains that the whale had died after becoming entangled in commercial fishing gear. He explains that The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) attempted a disentanglement mission but were sadly unsuccessful.

Image courtesy: Instagram

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