WATCH: He was left jobless and used TikTok to find a job

WATCH: He was left jobless and used TikTok to find a job

Would you use TikTok to get a job?

WATCH: He was left jobless and used TikTok to help him find a job...
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Being part of the population that have lost jobs, been through financial hardships, lost family and friends, all due to the pandemic, can truly break one's spirit. So much so that it can be difficult to remain positive. 

In all honesty, even if you still have your job and you are getting by with your finances, you have a roof over your head and food and water, you can still be struggling with keeping your spirit high. So there's no assuming here...

On that note, the pandemic has proven to be a time of self reflection for some and not so much for others. Many people used this time to think about their passions and have even started businesses. 

This guy decided to get creative and use his background in marketing to create a fun and upbeat resume for himself. After losing his job due to COVID-19, he didn't wallow in self pity, instead he used this as an opportunity to market himself. 

WATCH his video resume on TikTok below. We have to say that we love his originality and the fact that he used his time productively. 


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"This turned out to be the best decision he could make after he received a number of job officers by companies who would obviously love to have someone as creative as him on their team." (MSN)

He had used the video idea before when it came to applying for a job, so this time he had to make sure that he was being smart in making it better. Of course, what better way than to personalise Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic I Will Survive?

After declaring that he would survive, he remixed the song to suit his life and boom, pow, it worked to his advantage...

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