WATCH: 'Friends Reunion' - Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

WATCH: 'Friends Reunion' - Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

With all the hype about the 'Friends Reunion Show' launching in just over 48 hours, the big question that dragged through most of the seasons comes up - were Ross and Rachel on a break?

WATCH: Friends Reunion real talk - were Ross and Rachel on a break
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We're not sure how you feel about the whole thing, but we've got to say, if we haven't already, we're super stoked about the reunion episode. 

The sense of nostalgia and familiarity leaves us feeling excited as if meeting an old friend. Can you relate? If you can, then you will be looking forward to the behind-the-scenes footage, the reminiscing, the inside jokes, and the laughter... But also, you will be looking forward to the cast speaking out about topics that we all want to know more about.

Case in point - were Ross and Rachel on a break? What do you think? Let's have a look at the prelude to the whole 'break-up' debacle. Just as a refresher... any excuse to get our dose. 

Watch below (video courtesy of YouTube):

So, again, we ask, were Ross and Rachel on a break? We all know that the answer is "yes", but the fact that he hurt her still crashes and burns us every time we think about the long line of ups and downs between these two. 

We love to love them, but they remind us that they are based on characters that mimic real people's situations. So when the 'Friends Reunion' trailer was released and we heard Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston (yes, we know it's the other way around) admits that she and Ross were actually on a break, we feel a sense of closure when it comes to that 'up and down' question that went on for a long time.

The 'Friends Reunion' trailer did its job by keeping us on the edge of our seats and we truly feel like it's lived up to the 'Friends' brand. No, we don't have all the merch, but we do still use cute phrases and funny gestures (if you're a fan, you will know) now and then. We wouldn't call that obsessed, merely a fan of something that gives us a sense of home.

If you haven't already seen it, here is the 'Friends Reunion' trailer (video courtesy of YouTube): 

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