WATCH: Fear not when it comes to robots taking over our workforce...

WATCH: Fear not when it comes to robots taking over our workforce...

Do you think that the world is better with robots or not so much?

WATCH: Fear not when it comes to robots taking over our workforce...
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Ever since the introduction of robotics, there has been a divided audience. Some love the idea and embrace it as a part of evolution. While others are fearful of it and feel like it may lead to the downfall of society. 

Whichever path you find yourself on, there are some things in life that remind us that life without the human touch, isn't a life that promotes a positive looking future. 

When it comes to workforce, advertising, media, entertainment, even the toy industry, mechanics is praised over humans. The reasons vary, some attribute it to the fact that this is a cheaper way of working, while others say that it's a key part of evolution. 

But the fact remains, life is for the living, and as much as it is quite extraordinary to see a robot and what they are capable of doing, they cannot fully replace the human mind and the capabilities that we bring to anything and everything. 

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That was surely the sentiment when we saw this video of a robot that was tasked with the job of serving smoothies to customers at Jamba Juice, in the States. What seems like a simple task, ended up being quite a challenge for a robotic arm that failed at completing the task. 

The video, which has attracted more than 2.5-million views, was a clear indication that sometimes mechanics cannot be the solution to everything. "As it attempts to pour the beverage, the arm trembles before dumping the beverage. Half of it lands in the cup, with the other half on the counter in a puddle." (Daily Dot)

Jamba Juice tried the robotic arm that was meant to be a self-service kiosk, as a way of trying to grapple with the labour shortage, but we think that this was perhaps not the best solution in these circumstances. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


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