WATCH: This father is the ultimate hype dad - Are you this type of parent?

WATCH: This father is the ultimate hype dad - Are you this type of parent?

The best part of being a supportive parent is cheering for your kids...

WATCH: This father is the ultimate hype dad...Are you this type of parent?
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Weekend vibes are here and we are in celebratory mode as it is our birthday. And with any great birthday party, there is always a need for a vibey and loud and character. 

We think that we have found one worthy of the cause. A video of a dad at a football game shows him doing his thing as a dad hype cheerer. He certainly got the moves down and his energy is so infectious that we want to get up and cheer with him. 

Very rarely do we see dads being the ringleaders of cheer squads, but this dad has memorised his daughter's cheer sequence. In the same way as a parent would stand up at a talent concert to encourage their kids, he stands up and proceeds to do the cheer sequence, and he goes on to hype up the rest of the audience. 

We love his energy and he sure is a father who isn't afraid to shake those hips. He is officially the best dad in the bleachers, as the Americans would say. We can definitely say that Carol Ofori can relate to this when her son plays soccer. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Facebook):

We officially give this father the prize when it comes to being the father of the year. It seems we are not the only ones who feel this way. The above video has received over 8-million views. 

We hope his daughter was happy and that their team won...

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