WATCH: Dog wears the pants in this relationship

WATCH: Dog wears the pants in this relationship

Humphrey, an 11-stone dog (close to 70kg), stands his ground when it comes to having his say. He doesn't just roll over or walk when asked to, he does what he wants, when he wants...

WATCH: Dog wears the pants in this relationship
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Pets can be such graces to our lives and we love them to death, and let's be honest, we all know that they are the true bosses of us. Do you agree?

Well, this man, Elliot Richardson, has a beautiful dog named Humphrey and he weighs around 11 stone, which is approximately 70kg. He recently shared the 'boss' moments that he has to go through with Humphrey on a daily basis. 

Humphrey loves taking walks and is fond of being outdoors, but when it's time for him to return home, he doesn't like to be told what to do. He ends up playing dead or plain down ignores his owner. 

Elliot, who is a police officer, often finds himself being late for work because Humphrey has different plans when it comes to going home. We really feel for him, but we have to admit that our furry friends have feelings too and we cannot just expect them to sing to our tune only. It's a give and take relationship, right?

Oh, please, who are we kidding! They wear the pants in our relationships and we know it. 

Watch the video that Elliot put together of moments where Humphrey pulls rank. We can't help but laugh even though it must get a bit challenging, especially considering that he isn't the lightest dog to carry.

The three-year-old has stolen our hearts, stubborn and all. Elliot admitted in an interview that the longest he's had to wait for Humphrey was one hour, 10 minutes. The things we do as parents...

Video Courtesy of YouTube

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