WATCH: After watching this, we won't look at pizzerias the same again...

WATCH: The pizza revelation that may have seen us cheated

A pizzeria employee releases a video showing how they can literally take away a big chunk of your pizza and you will NEVER know. The mystery behind it all is revealed...

WATCH: After watching this, we don't look at pizzerias the same anymore...
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We all love the crunchy edges and the way the cheese springs back to the base when you take a bite of your warm and cheesy pizza. It makes us think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because we CAN literally have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and supper (okay, maybe that's overdoing it...). 

But you get where we coming from, right? We love pizza! 

So when we found out about this, our hearts just deflated because we feel violated by the fact that this could have been happening to us this whole time!

A video was released on TikTok where a pizza employee shares what actually happens behind those swing doors. We're wondering if this actually happens in pizzerias or is it just a skill that this TikToker wanted to share with the world?

So, basically, the pizzerias can potentially steal a big chunky slice from our pizzas and we wouldn't be any wiser. How does that make you feel? Do you feel pizza-lated? Are you pizza'ed-off? 

Watch the video below (courtesy of YouTube): 

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