WATCH: COVID-19 hits India hard in the second wave

WATCH: COVID-19 hits India hard in the second wave

The second wave has hit India hard. The country is overwhelmed with the amount of COVID-19 patients, oxygen supplies are low, and hospitals are at full capacity that patients are being treated in vehicles. 

WATCH: COVID-19 hits India hard in the second wave
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The number of infections is rising daily and COVID-19 patients are being treated in vehicles because the second wave has overwhelmed hospitals. There is a shortage of oxygen and mass cremations are taking place. 

According to a report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the 21st of April 2021, India reported the highest number of daily cases at 233,091 - more than 25% of daily cases reported in the world on that day.

The Guardian revealed in a recent article that "The World Health Organization (WHO) has said India’s deadly COVID-19 second wave was caused by a 'perfect storm' of mass gatherings, low vaccination rates, and more contagious variants."

But video footage still shows mass amounts of people moving around despite the second wave of infections. How many people have to lose their lives for everyone to follow the guidelines and take this pandemic seriously? 

Experts from WHO have reported that the virus mutations cannot be the sole cause of the increase of infections and the large gatherings and the number of people visiting the hospital in panic when they could recover from COVID-19 at home is a problem. 

Support from WHO and other countries like America and the United Kingdom is being coordinated as speedily as possible, but the fate of many are held by the virus and its vast rate of mutation. 

"India recorded yet another day of over 300,000 new cases on Tuesday and 2,771 new deaths." These aren't accurate though, as it has been said that some states are undercounting. 

Makeshift crematoriums are being erected as they are running out of spots to cremate. The images and video footage leave us disheartened and empathetic to the COVID-19 victims and their families. 

Remember, we are still fighting the good fight with COVID-19 and we encourage you all to wear your mask (covering your nose and snug against your chin), sanitize, and wash your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook/TheGuardian

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