WATCH: Cat becomes the mother to eight baby hedgehogs

WATCH: Cat becomes the mother to eight baby hedgehogs

A story that shows that some families come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures...

WATCH: Muska the cat adopts eight hoglets
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Mothers will be mothers, as children will be children. When it comes to family, they come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, in different textures, too. Muska the cat at a Russian Zoo undertook the role of mother to eight baby hedgehogs who were brought in after their mother had passed away in an accident. 

Their mother had died in a lawn mower accident and the little hoglets were in need of milk. The zoo tried feeding them milk through the use of a saucer, a syringe, and a bottle, but they refused to drink. 

It was then that the zoo decided to try something that wasn't regularly heard of. "As Muska (the cat) had recently raised a litter of foster kittens, she had milk to offer - so the zoo decided to try the unusual pairing." (BBC)

The hungry orphans reacted to her bodily warmth and the smell of milk, and soon began to nurse. This just goes to show how mothers and kids of all kinds can bond. A beautiful sentiment of family and parenting indeed. 

The youngsters are receiving extra attention and are now eating on their own, but not without the watchful eye of their guardian mother, Muska. 

We love the diverse nature of this story, and the truth is it can be applied to any family story regardless of what breed, tribe or culture they come from. It is a true sentiment to the concept of love...

Watch the video detailing the story (courtesy of YouTube):

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