WATCH: Black bear opens vehicle for snack time treat...

WATCH: Black bear opens vehicle for snack time treat...

Even the cute and cuddly get peckish now and then...

Bear going inside van in Tennessee
Bear going inside van in Tennessee/YouTube Screenshot/@ViralHog

When you think of a bear, we're not sure if it is just us but Baloo from 'Jungle Book' immediately comes to mind. 

But the reality of it all is that real bears are not as cute and cuddly as we would prefer them to be. 

Perhaps it is that they are actually cute and cuddly but not receptive to us engaging with them in such a manner. Like, seriously, could you imagine a real bear coming in for a hug? 

Their natural instincts are to find food and so that's just what happened in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA. 

A family recently witnessed a visit from a black bear outside their home. 

The bear seemed to be in search of food and as he walked around looking for something to munch on, they began videoing. 

It was extremely surprising to see how comfortable the bear was when opening the family's van door. 

The black bear not only opened the vehicle door, but also went inside to rummage through the centre console to find food. 

The family start screaming as soon as he approaches the van, and they knew that there was a packet of M&Ms left inside there, which the hungry fella removed from inside.

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