WATCH: A beautiful bond between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law...

WATCH: A beautiful bond between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law...

Definitely something that others can learn from...

Mother and daughter-in-law
Mother and daughter-in-law/TikTok Screenshot/@thedlaminis_

There is a common stereotype that has lingered with certain families over the years, one that has caused much friction. 

What is it? The relationship between mothers and daughter-in-laws...

If there is a good relationship then it is embraced, but if it is rocky, then it's safe to say that it feeds into the stereotype...

Either way, if we can find a bond between these two that goes beyond all boundaries, then we are game on sharing that with everyone. 

If anything, it is a way of inspiring good relationships and surpassing the stereotype... or at least trying to.

As we scroll through social media, it seems we have found a bond that is truly beautiful. Not only does it breathe goodness, but it also breaks down another barrier, that of interracial families and mixed race children.

The Dlaminis are on TikTok and Instagram and have shared such well-rounded content. 

They have shared their relationship openly, which we love, and are also expecting a baby girl... Yay! 

But the one video that really tugged at the heartstrings was the one between Ma Dlamini and her daughter-in-law. 

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Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@thedlaminis_ I’m so blessed 😇 @delisiledlamini72 #thedlaminis #wandiandhaddi #momsoftiktok #morherinlaw #familytime #southafrica #mzansitiktok #rsa🇿🇦 #🇿🇦 #interracial #mixedfamily ♬ Phakade Lami - Nomfundo Moh

Of course, every relationship is different, every family is different, but if there is one thing that we can all do is go in with an open mind and a little bit of understanding. 

It's not always your way, or the highway...

Even the mother from hell in 'Monster-in-Law' changed her outlook, so we are sure you can too...

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