WATCH: Baboons have expensive taste as they crash Airbnb guest's breakfast soiree

WATCH: Baboons have expensive taste as they crash Airbnb guest's breakfast soiree

Definitely not what we were expecting, but at least we know they have good taste...

A bottle of hennessy
A bottle of hennessy/Pexels

It's not like we are surprised by anything primates do, because over the past years we have become somewhat accustomed to their forced intrusions into our homes and places of work. 

One thing is for certain, they are not scared of taking what they want, and they have a varied sense of taste. Which we can appreciate.

A woman who goes by the name MsWilliamsss live tweeted this weekend that during her exclusive stay at an Airbnb in Knysna, she experienced some uninvited guests. 

It was in fact Zoe Williams' birthday weekend, and the uninvited baboons decided to show up and gate crash the birthday celebrations. 

"Helping themselves to shots of hard liquor, a freshly cooked brunch spread and several bags of chips, a pair of bold baboons broke into a woman’s rental home in Knysna, South Africa, and nearly destroyed her birthday breakfast celebration." (NYPost)

Can you even imagine? Getting unwanted visitors to your home is one thing, it's something that we sign up for living in KZN for sure. 

But when on holiday, you don't expect this. We bet that wasn't included in the Airbnb ad - beware of uninvited guests aka baboons. 

It certainly wasn't a cheap invasion either, the baboons helped themselves to some pricey items. 

The below is a video that was shared by another Twitter user who experienced monkeys in their Airbnb in Zimbali. Courtesy of Twitter

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"The luxury home rented by Williams and her friends on the beachfront at Pezula goes for R4,200 a night on Airbnb. She doesn’t state what specific Hennessy it was, but a bottle goes for between R499 and about R989. As we know, avocados are not cheap either." (Business Insider)

All in all, we can say that they enjoyed the birthday celebrations for sure. 

The birthday girl managed to recuperate from the trauma and they all sat down for breakfast eventually. 

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