WATCH: Always check for marine life when removing debris from the ocean

WATCH: Always check for marine life when removing debris from the ocean

Because this is what could be inside...

Woman releasing fish into the ocean
Woman releasing fish into the ocean/TikTok Screenshot/@mermaid.kayleigh

With the abundance of litter that has surfaced since the recent floods, it has revealed the amount of junk people fail to dispose of properly. 

And if you are an ocean warrior, then you will know that the pollution affecting our marine life is and has been a problem for some time now. 

A problem that we have created, a problem that we can also help solve. 

A video that was shared by Kayleigh, a diver and ocean warrior (our way of describing someone who is fighting to care for the ocean), showed us something sad and uplifting at the same time. 

She was out at sea and you see her scooping out a piece of plastic that was floating around. 

Then all of a sudden you see the camera focusing on the contents of the plastic bottle. 

And what we see is shocking, scary, and heart wrenching. 

A fish is trapped in the bottle and because it was unable to find its way out, the bottle became its habitat. 

In all honesty, how often do you look inside a piece of trash when you are picking up litter? This is why we should always look inside before discarding trash. 

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WATCH the video below and see how Kayleigh managed to set this little fella free. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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