VIDEO: Shocking bar brawl in Middelburg goes viral

VIDEO: Shocking bar brawl in Middelburg goes viral

A video of a group of men having a fight outside a bar in Middelburg has caught the attention of many around the country.

Middelburg fight 23 Feb
Source: Middelburg Observer

After a rowdy night out, a group of young men got into a heated brawl outside the popular Oppie Plaas bar in Middelburg - and have subsequently found themselves banned from the establishment.

In a video that has since gone viral, the group of men violently attacked one another in one of the biggest bar fights the town has seen in a long time. Shockingly, a woman is also seen pouring liquid that looks like paraffin into their faces of those involved.

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According to the Middelburg Observer, Daleen Swarts, owner of the establishment, says she is currently on holiday in KwaZulu-Natal but is aware of the fight and has banned everyone involved from her bar.

“I wish the law could be made that young people under 21, even under 30, are not allowed to drink! This was again a few young men who only had a few beers and started fighting,” she told the community paper.

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Swarts adds that, luckily, the men all left with bruises and torn clothing and that no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

DISCLAIMER: Video contains strong language and is of a violent nature:

Image courtesy: YouTube

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