uShaka Marine World is trying to reinvent itself due to the pandemic

uShaka Marine World is trying to reinvent itself due to the pandemic

We love the way uShaka Marine World is trying to reinvent itself so that it doesn't have to close its doors...

uShaka Marine World is trying to reinvent itself due to the pandemic
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Many businesses have had to adapt to their circumstances when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic - whether it means updating their practices to become more accommodating or creating new ways for their businesses to operate so that they stay alive. 

uShaka Marine World has become one of those businesses, with the entertainment and tourism sectors being one of the hardest hit since COVID-19 came into being. 

"The theme park has been battling for years to sustain itself financially and benefited from numerous bailouts from the city. The turnaround plan, drafted before the third wave, revealed that uShaka was facing serious financial challenges, with the worst-case scenario being that it could be forced to suspend operations and retrench more than half of its workforce," IOL reports.

A place that has been a home for many people of Durban and South Africans when they come here for their holidays. uShaka has been a highlight of Durban, and has created some amazing memories for many tourists and locals alike. To see their doors close would be a hard knock into reality for many. 

The reality is both harsh and hurtful, but nevertheless a reality that many of us have had to face. When it comes to this pandemic, we can firmly say that we wish it all away. Especially for the thousands of people who have lost their income and are struggling. 

The options for Durban's playground are slim, but there is always hope when a plan is put together. One option involves them trying to remain open as they are, with a reduced staff from around 435 employees to just 87. The staff kept more so to support the marine life at Sea World. 

Another option would be to offer uShaka Marine World as a filming location. While another option said that they should increase their shopping facilities so that there were more options in their village, which would be in line with customer preferences. 

And the report also put forth the idea "to partner with Durban ICC and professional conference organisers to offer the uShaka Marine experience as part of the formal in-programme excursion and a venue for side events."

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