Toddler unhappy with mom's request for her to do homework

Toddler unhappy with mom's request for her to do homework

Homework drama starts young for this mama...

A young girl cries whilst doing her homework
A young girl cries whilst doing her homework/TikTok Screenshot/@dammygrey26

As parents of toddlers, you would think there's not much you have to worry about when it comes to homework

But that has changed over the years. Our kids require us to work with them at home even though they are going to school. 

And that includes kids who are going to preschool. The pressure is definitely on as soon as your child reaches the toddler age mark, if not earlier. 

We guess this is why so many parents never have time for themselves. 

One mother showed TikTok how real the struggle is when it comes to encouraging her toddler to do some homework. 

The term 'homework' is very broad and doesn't just cover that which kids have to do when they are home. It also includes any sort of work that you do at home. 

In this case, mom seems to have asked her little one to do some number worksheets. 

And we're quite certain other parents will relate to this one because her response is priceless. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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Many people resonated with the pain from the post, both from the mother's point of view and the little girl's.

Pheedaami Sinjen: "Since crèche person never rest💔Omo I feel her pain jare" 

mantaa_lifestyle: "All she wants to do is watch cocomelon. Don’t stress her with number 1 🤣" 

seyi: "Since primary one person never rest😭" 

Gamlestad: "the pain of childhood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she must b thinking what a life 🤣" 

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