#ThankfulTuesday: Young man encourages youth to get involved in farming

#ThankfulTuesday: Young man encourages youth to get involved in farming

"Creating opportunities through farming instead of looking for a job makes sense." 

Green lettuce on brown soil
Green lettuce on brown soil/Pexels Website

As we celebrate the month of youthfulness in all areas of life, we wanted to pay homage to youngsters who are not only inspirational, but also encouraging...

This young man fits the profile perfectly. His name is Mahlangu and he is part of the farming trade in Sokhulumi near Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng.

Mahlangu shares the opinion that farming will help fight poverty, as well as create opportunities for employment in our communities. 

According to MSN, he said: "You can start planting vegetables in the backyard of your home to avoid buying vegetables from the shops."

This young man is part of a cooperative, which happens to be a family business in Sokhulumi near Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng. 

At present, half of the members are below the age of 35 and are focused on crop production. They hope to expand into the livestock game in the future. 

As a young boy he would tag along with his grandfather, who happened to be a farmer. This was where his passion for farming stemmed. 

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"After matric, Mahlangu enrolled for a National Diploma in Crop Production at the Tshwane University of Technology. While he is still in the process of completing his qualification, he says his education has only increased his passion for farming." (MSN)

It is clear that in order to make something purposeful, you have to have passion. 

And this young man is spreading his wisdom with others in ways that will improve the way we look at opportunity. 

Why is it that sometimes people assume that opportunity just comes knocking? You have to start somewhere and create your own opportunity in order to create change...

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