St. Nikolaus Post Office replies to 30,000 'Dear Santa' letters

St. Nikolaus Post Office replies to 30,000 'Dear Santa' letters

Volunteers in a German town kept Christmas traditions alive this year and replied to more than 30,000 'Dear Santa' letters.

St. Nikolaus Post Office replies to 30,000 'Dear Santa' letters
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Writing a letter to Santa Claus has become a tradition for many children and their parents. We're not sure where it came from, but we do know that keeping up with Saint Nicholas and his family of elves is something that excites children, and even a few  adults. 

Spending time with your children, helping them write their letters to Santa Claus (Father Christmas) is a special activity. However, the posting part can get a little tricky, unless your kids are like the little girl in 'The Grinch' by Dr. Seuss who went to all kinds of lengths to make sure her Christmas wish came true.  

A German village, that has a similar name to the magical St. Nicholas, has been receiving letters to Santa for decades now. St. Nikolaus in Saarland's post office said on Monday that "it handled more letters than ever this festive season and had nearly 44 volunteers replying to a total of 30,711 letters from children in 43 countries. It is 866 more letters than last year's." (MSN)

Christmas may be a religious and holy time for many people who observe the holiday. But it has become a global holiday for many families who celebrate the traditions around gift giving and family time. 

"A majority of letters came from Germany — accounting for about 90% — while globally, children from Taiwan sent the most letters, 1,083 in total." (MSN

Some of the other countries included China, Morocco, Australia, Argentina and the United States. 

Did your kids write 'Dear Santa' letters this year?

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