South Africans show their unity as we pick ourselves up from this shutdown

South Africans show their unity as we pick ourselves up from this shutdown

As many of us find ourselves dusting those ashes off and rising up to clean up our province, we see brave South Africans showing kindness and love.

South Africans join in unity and show true kindness as we dust ourselves off from the shutdown

We have all been through a lot over the past week. Mentally, physically, and emotionally we can firmly say that we are ready to push past the anger and fear and pick up that broom and clear out that mess. Physically, we need to clear out all remains of the violence and looting. 

Some say that physical clearance in many forms helps with mental clearance. So we are hoping that all the clean up efforts and community solidarity that we have been seeing heals all of us from what we have seen and been through. Some have experienced more than others when it comes to the dangers and violence. But we think that with some kindness, we can all heal. 

As we pick ourselves up, we find that South Africans from home and around the world are coming forward and offering their help. It seems the effects of COVID-19 have made all of us stronger and have also allowed us to come together now more than ever. 

We found this post on a group of men from Johannesburg who risked so much to make their way to Durban to help people with no bread and food. They drove to Durban from Azaadville, came with their own security and brought with them 32,000 loaves of bread to distribute amongst the communities. 

These men and so many other South Africans are coming together in bravery and love to clean up and share what they can with people that have been placed in harsh circumstances. This is just a step in the best direction for all of us right now. 

This may not fix what has happened, it may not repair the broken and burnt down businesses, but it helps in a huge way, it helps us remember that we can come together, regardless of our backgrounds, our religions, our political beliefs and our race, we can stand together as a united nation. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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