This simple garlic hack is guaranteed to save you time and money

This simple garlic hack is guaranteed to save you time and money

A mom has shared the ultimate hack that will make incorporating garlic into homemade meals so much easier and save you money in the process.


Garlic is an ingredient that is used in almost every dish and we, specifically in KZN, love the vegetable. Garlic is infamous for being a pain to prepare but one woman’s hack makes the process so much easier – and it’s guaranteed to save you money as well!

Sharing her hack on Facebook in the Budget Friendly Meals Australia group, the woman explains that she buys garlic in bulk when it’s reduced at the supermarket and keeps it frozen in ice cube trays and pops them out whenever she needs it. She explains that the freezer keeps the garlic fresh and lasting longer than if it was in the vegetable drawer.

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"I buy a lot of [garlic] then pop it in a food processor and blend until fine then add oil and blend until smooth,” the woman explains. "I pop it into ice cube trays and freeze then pop them out and put into a container or Ziploc.”

The woman explains that she started using this hack after she became frustrated that the flavour of her meals became bland when she used preserved garlic because it took up less time. “I use [garlic] in everything but I don't have time to freshly mince some every time,” the woman explains. “This is just a time saver for those who need it. Minced jar garlic has nothing on fresh garlic. I can't stand the taste of the stuff in the jar."

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Luckily, this trick doesn’t just work on garlic. The woman adds that she also does this for chillies, herbs and ginger so you can make flavoursome meals with ease.

Do you have any kitchen hacks that you want to share? Let Carol know in the comments section below!

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