Woman shares the bizarre way she cuts an onion – and social media is calling her a ‘genius’

Woman shares the bizarre way she cuts an onion – and social media is calling her a ‘genius’

One woman has shared the perfect hack to cutting an onion - and we can’t believe how wrong we’ve been doing it all these years!


Admit it – the worst part of cooking a dish is chopping up the onion and crying your eyes out right in the beginning of the process. However, TikTok user Lyndsey James has shares her bizarre way of cutting an onion – and people are calling the hack ‘genius’!

Onions have never been the easiest vegetable to chop and are found in almost every savoury dish, but in a new video on social media app TikTok, Lyndsey James has shared a technique that has helped her cut an onion – and viewers are calling her a life saver.

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In the video, which has been watched close to one-million times, Lyndsey shares her technique that to her "just makes sense". She explains that "I thought I'd quickly come on and show you how I cut onions because ,apparently, the way I cut onions is weird, but to me it just makes sense. There's none of this slicing it and then you know holding it and ah can't be dealing with that."

Lyndsey says that you will need to remove the outer layer of the onion and then cut off one side so it can be laid flat on the chopping board. However, she importantly notes that the top should still have the root attached.

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She goes on to make incisions all the way down the onion from the top to the bottom, making sure to keep a 1cm gap from the root. She does this so that the onion stays in one piece.

"So, you're literally cutting segments like an orange," Lyndsey says, adding that once the onion “looks like a flower”, you need to just place it on its side and slice the onion in the opposite direction. Just like that you have a sliced onion!

The kitchen hack has wowed social media users. "That's not weird that's genius,” one viewer commented on the video. A second asked: "Why have we all been cutting onions wrong?" A third hilariously jokes that "This just cured at least 99 life problems."

Do you have any kitchen hacks you use religiously? Let Carol know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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