One accidental text has led to a Thanksgiving tradition

One accidental text has led to a Thanksgiving tradition

A few years ago, Wanda Dench did something very simple, she sent a text to the wrong number, but the story didn't just end there...

Wanda and Jamal

In 2016, Jamal Hinton received a random text message inviting him to a Thanksgiving dinner.

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He did not know the number but decided to text back saying he would love to attend.

Since then, Jamal and Wanda have been celebrating every Thanksgiving together and he has become a part of the family.

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At one point, the possibility of continuing with the tradition this year was looking meager.

And, unfortunately, Wanda and her husband Lonnie had caught coronavirus earlier this year.

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Wanda got sick but soon started improving, but Lonnie was not as lucky as he got even worse, and eventually, he passed away at the beginning of April.

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Following his death, Jamal made a beautiful tribute and montage from people all around the USA who were sending love and support to Wanda.

Although this Thanksgiving might be the first without Lonnie, luckily the two will be able to continue the tradition that started four years ago.

In fact, this time the get together will be in honour of Lonnie and his legacy as a beautiful, warm-hearted, kind individual.

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