WATCH: Shocking videos of the Germiston floods from last night

WATCH: Shocking videos of the Germiston floods from last night

These video scenes make us feel like a scene from the doomsday movie, 2012.

Shocking videos of the Germiston floods from last night
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Not to say that we don't take weather warnings with a sense of seriousness or even that we don't check the weather updates on the daily. The thing is as much as we take notice of these weather warnings and updates, very rarely do we prepare for it to be cataclysmic. 

So, when we heard the weather people do their reports this week, little did we realise that the severe storms would turn out into flooding in key areas of Germiston and Alberton. 

So the warnings that large amounts of small hails, heavy rain, flooding, and damaging winds could occur, came to life and we saw all of it posted on social media. These videos get us thinking about the craziness behind the way the weather has escalated over the past couple of years. 

Where one of the pros of living in South Africa has been that we don't have any natural disasters, that fact is slowly changing and it leaves us feeling somewhat nervous about future weather warnings. 

WATCH the videos below, courtesy of Twitter:

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Do you have any videos or pics of floods that you have been through? 

There are more severe thunderstorms expected in several parts of the country up until Sunday. So our advice, don't let your guard down, and just be proactive. 

"A major storm is also expected to make landfall in Cape Town on Thursday evening.

Areas that could be heavily affected include Strand, Muizenberg, and Cape Point.

Cape Town residents have been cautioned to prepare for gale-force winds." (MSN)

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