Shahan Ramkissoon warns bartenders this festive season

Shahan Ramkissoon warns bartenders this festive season

Don't neglect your regulars for holidaymakers or else...

Bartender preparing drinks at a bar
Bartender preparing drinks at a bar/Pexels/@cottonbrostudios

The locals in any part of the world always make sure to take care of their people during the holidays. 

We say this wearyingly because sometimes locals don't know how to tip and this is a fact of the service industry. But on behalf of the good tippers, former eNCA news anchor, Shahan Ramkissoon has made a public announcement on TikTok. 

In a recent video, Ramkissoon who resides in Cape Town makes a public warning to bartenders, club owners and bouncers. 

He has very succinctly reminded bartenders, club owners and bouncers to be weary of their regulars during the festive season and not to get too carried away with tourists. 

As many of you might know, many people from the service industry get carried away in the hopes of tourists giving them big tips.

Watch Ramkissoon's video below, courtesy of TikTok. `

@shahanramkissoon A message to all bartenders, club owners and bouncers in South Africa #bars #clubs #southafrica #capetown ♬ original sound - Shahan Ramkissoon

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Check out some of the comments from other tippers. 

  • "I don't hold grudges I just don't go back to that place where I was treated poorly"
  • "Amen to this, not just bartenders, waiters too making way for foreigners first thinking they'll get a huge tip"
  • "Agree bro not just Cape Town though"
  • "Yess Tell them I have picked up this attitude from the clubs aswell in recent months"

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