Drake graciously thanks fan for 20c donation

Drake graciously thanks fan for 20c donation

20c is 20c...right?

Drake with clips in his curls and grill in his mouth
Drake with clips in his curls and grill in his mouth/Instagram Screenshot/@champagnepapi

We're all about that gratitude life but have you ever said 'thank you' but not really meant it?

Well, we are not sure how to feel about the recent display of gratitude offered by Drake to a fan who donated while he was on a Kick.com live stream. 

Check out the post from Kick.com below, courtesy of X

Drake hosted a Kick.com livestream, and at one point during the broadcast, somebody made a donation… of 20 cents. 

Drake was talking about something unrelated, then after taking a look at his screen, he shifted, saying, “Thank you for the 20-cent tip, [donator’s username], appreciate that. That’ll go to a good cause.” (Uproxx)

He sounded real and grateful for the contribution and by right that is how we all should view any form of donation, with gratitude. 

Watch him thanking the fan on the live stream. Courtesy of X


People were calling him out saying that he was being spicy, but after watching it a few times, we think he was being genuine. 

We don't blame people for thinking that way because he quickly flipped the script and called out the haters in the industry. W

Watch what he went on to say. Courtesy of X

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