SEE: Designer pet accessories with steep prices

SEE: Designer pet accessories with steep prices

Is your dog worth spending all this money on for accessories? 

Pet accessorised

Designer products will sometimes drive you crazy because of the exorbitant prices they add to your monthly budget. But if you have been eyeing the item for so long, especially to reward yourself, then you won't feel so bad. But what would make your pet deserve something worth almost R100,000? 

We cannot blame the consumer though, when designer fashion brands started to include pet accessories to their fashion lines dedicated to pet parents and their little fur babies, it opened up the possibility of making these impossible purchases a reality. 

Versace, Prada, and Tiffany and Co. are among the top names with pet accessories.

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You are probably curious how far to stretch your South African rand in order to get these exquisite accessories? 

Let's start with this one right here: 

The Louis Vuitton Carrier that costs R43,159!

Gucci Pet bag
Pantelis Christopoulus

A designer bag is everyone's dream accessory to feel like they are successful and have achieved something. So, imagine having one that allows you to carry your pet in it, too. That's a level up to an already 'Hollywood' experience. But to be honest, how are you parting with R40,000? 

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The Versace Print Dog Rain Coat is R5,850!

Versace Print Dog
United States of Pets

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This is a reasonable accessory. You don't want your dog feeling cold after a rainy day because it had no protection when you did. The price is lower than the aforementioned. Maybe this one is a great purchase looking at how practical it is and the difference in price to the LV bag. 

We're going to ask you to choose which you would buy right at the end. 

The Prada Dog Collar is R4,366! 

Prada Dog Collar
Styling For Life

The safest way to go about having a pet is having a collar around its neck with its name and home address. The above accessory is not as expensive as some of the ones we started with in the article. Would you get it? It's a little under R5,000...

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The Tiffany & Co. Pet Leash, which is R6,290!

Tiffany and Co. Leash
Little Silver Animal Hospital Foundation for Animals

Dog walks are amazing for both the parent and the pet. A little exercise and activity is important for both. So, if you want to elevate the experience with this dog leash, then go for it... 

These all require one to truly part with huge amounts of money. And people usually invest in things they value.

What do you think, which would you purchase? 

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