SEE: Minnie Dlamini-Jones shows off deluxe baby car seat for little Netha

SEE: Minnie Dlamini-Jones shows off deluxe baby car seat for little Netha

Minnie Dlamini-Jones posted a pic of a fancy car seat for her baby and fans are surprised...

SEE: Minnie Dlamini-Jones fashions the deluxe of deluxe baby car seats for little Netha
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As parents we are of the mindset that we always want to progress with our parenting, in terms of providing the best for our children. We want to give them better than what we received. That doesn't necessarily mean that we didn't have a good upbringing or life from our own parents, it's just a mindset.

We think it has something to do with evolution; each generation wanting to surpass the previous generation. It's not a dig at our parents, just a way of life, wanting to give more than you got. It is also a way of pushing yourself to reach your goals and conform to your ideas of success. 

We would like to think that's what Minnie Dlamini-Jones' thinking is when she recently shared a purchase for her baby boy Netha. She showed off a video of his new car seat, saying: "Upgraded Netha's car seat from the #CloudZ to to the #SironaZ I wouldn't have him in anything else!!! @cybex_global Available at @chelinobaby #AD" (Instagram)

Many people came through with comments on her post. Some said things like Netha is spoilt, while others were impressed with the car seat. We have to admit, it does look like the Rolls Royce of car seats and we also think it's more about the parents than the kids when it comes to choosing these kind of items. 

Yes, of course, it's all about safety, quality, and comfort, but the truth is that something that costs far less than that will do the same job as the Rolls Royce. So it's almost a stature thing, associating the name brand and its exclusivity with your image and what you aspire to for your family. 

Let's just say we get it, Minnie is definitely one who looks at design, technology, and practicality as factors when she advocates for it, for instance, she shared this video about her electric car. This felt like she was living in a future world...

Check out the video below from Instagram:

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