SEE: "I didn't realise that I paid R495 for a steak and kidney pie!"

SEE: "I didn't realise that I paid R495 for a steak and kidney pie!"

What's the most you have ever paid for a pie?

SEE: "I didn't realise that I paid R495 for a Steak and Kidney Pie!"
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There aren't many people that can firmly say that they have never made a mistake. If you can, then you are a special breed and we take our hat off to you. 

But to those of us who have made a mistake or two, there are moments where we end up beating ourselves up over the said mistake, mostly because of the consequences we had to face due to that said mistake. 

However, like some great people have said in the past, you cannot cry over split milk, but rather pick yourself up and move on. Unfortunately, this mistake has made many PnP shoppers feel a bit uneasy. 

We all have our favourite places to shop, there are some die hard shoppers who cannot shop anywhere else except their favourite. Then there are those shoppers who go with the flow and choose according to convenience. 

This Durban woman, Kajal Raman, decided to go through to her Pick n Pay and buy a few things. One of the items was a steak and kidney pie. As much we cannot deny that there's nothing like a crumbly fresh pie from Pick n Pay, we wouldn't pay R495.00 for it...

She posted the pic of her receipt on her Facebook page, but the pic has since been removed. However, on her post she had written the following:

"Went to Pick n Pay this morning, and I was shocked when I saw my till slip. Then I got into the car, and my mind was saying something's not right with the till slip. So I took the pies out from the packet just to double-check and was shocked to see the price. I went to the shop, and they gave me my money back. As for the person that was on that till, there was no way around. So people, please watch your till slips on the price of the stuff that you buy." (IOL)

Many people were commenting saying that they too had similar experiences. However, there were the level-headed locals that we have to say, we absolutely love, especially when it comes to these kind of situations. 

The truth is that there are far more people that can attest to making a mistake than not, and this was simply a mistake. It is as much the shopper's responsibility to check their till receipt as it is the cashier and the person who is doing the pricing. 

Just like the story we did last week about the savings promo tags in Shoprite, it was a typo and we should cut some people some slack. Let's choose to be kind and use this as a funny anecdote to quote on during dinner tonight, how someone once paid R495 for a pie, because it's not unlikely, considering we heard about a chef making Fries that cost R2,800....

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