SA boy singing 'I Feel Good' reaches Will Smith

South African boy singing 'I Feel Good' reaches Will Smith

This young man's energy is definitely infectious...

A young boy singing on stage with a Springboks shirt
A young boy singing on stage with a Springboks shirt/TikTok Screenshot/@actually_its_adele

After young and vibrant Desmond Koolen went viral for his stellar performance of the James Brown classic, 'I Feel Good', he became South Africa's beloved mascot. 

Not only was he representing himself on stage in front of everyone at his school, but he was also representing our boys in Green and Gold. 

Grade 1 Desmond made many people 'feel good' with his performance and his video even reached the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith

The young boy's school, Dainfern College, shared how proud they were of him. 

The fact that he managed to make so many people, both near and far, feel good has to be celebrated. 

Dainfern College shared the video again that was posted to Will Smith's Instagram page. 

People quickly jumped on Will Smith's post sharing their love for young Desmond's moves and singing talents. 

Even Rachel Kolisi commented saying: "Okayyyy 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦"

Dj Jazzy Jeff said: "Love this..." 

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The original video that was posted by mom Adele Koolen received over 14-million views on TikTok. 

And mom was pleasantly surprised at how her son's performance was received so positively, both locally and abroad. 

It was really heartwarming to see the result of mom sharing his performance with everyone. Sometimes we all just need a little feel good energy. 

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