‘Remember not to upstage Rory!’ – Tumi Morake

‘Remember not to upstage Rory!’ – Tumi Morake

As Carol Ofori’s comedy debut draws closer, she keeps getting the best advice from the best comedians.

tumi morake

Carol’s first comedy set ever in front of a full live audience is literally just around the corner now.

Guess what? The event is getting closer and closer, more of the best comedians in the country (and the world!) are offering her some of the best advice.

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Comedic trailblazers like Loyiso Gola, Trevor Gumbi and Jason Goliath have already provided her with some real and useful tips, and now Tumi Morake has also come to the party.

Take a listen to Tumi’s advice below

tumi morake

The clock is ticking away and time is drawing closer for Carol's comedy debut. 

And it is only natural for her to want to sponge up as much advice as possible. 

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With all these valuable words of wisdom, we’re pretty sure Carol will have no problem bringing the house down at The Barnyard Theatre, Suncoast on 14 October.

If you want to see Carol comedy debut and Rory Petzer's first solo performance, then you can get your tickets here

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