Barry Hilton coaches Rory Petzer about 'dying' on stage

Barry Hilton coaches Rory Petzer about 'dying' on stage

Barry Hilton's words ring true not only for comedians, but for everyone...

Rory Petzer and Barry Hilton pose at the Barnyard Theatre
Rory Petzer and Barry Hilton pose at the Barnyard Theatre/Supplied

Like anything in life, it makes a difference when you are guided. Making mistakes doesn't always lead you to learn the lesson and therefore having a mentor can make all the difference.

For our very own Rory Petzer, it is the guidance and mentorship of the seasoned and delightful Barry Hilton. 

As Petzer does the official countdown for his first solo show at the Barnyard Theatre this coming October, it is vital to find a sound perspective before performing. 

And it is only natural for him to seek advice from his mentor, Barry Hilton. 

Hilton, a seasoned comedian, actor, and motivational speaker really has all the right words when it comes to finding perspective. 

He spoke about 'dying' on stage. And, no, it's not about actually dying but refers to having an "epic failure" whilst on stage. Pretty much when no one laughs at your jokes. 

Hilton's words were moving to say the least. He said: “It happens. Footballers have a bad day; artists have a bad day… the people who go to work have a bad day.”

"Nothing in life maintains a consistent upward trajectory," he shrugs. "Grit is mandatory in the profession."   

“I’ve told Rory this, when you fail, it’s not to give up. It’s to realise what you made a mistake with and carry on.” (Mail and Guardian)

We asked Rory to share a few words with us and this is what he had to say. 

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It truly is so endearing to see the act of mentorship in action. 

And what's more enthralling is the fact that we are seeing it in two different generations of South African artists who are essentially encouraging the rest of our country's people. 

Barry also said: "It takes a brave person to stand up in front of a capacity crowd and 'bear your soul'. A lot of people in the audience will recognise that." (Mail and Guardian)

Take that in for a moment and go out and smash your goals for this week. 

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