Woman's phone stolen whilst she was busy with R630k bank transfer!?

R630k gone after woman's phone snatched: How to prevent this

Yikes, not a good place to be in. Let's hear from Wendy Knowler

Photo of woman in gray coat using laptop
Photo of woman in gray coat using laptop/Pexels

Losing your phone is one thing but having your phone stolen is a whole other thing. 

For one woman it didn't just cost her losing her phone but an additional knock on her bank balance. 

According to Wendy Knowler, who is investigating a case of a stolen phone that happened at the beginning of the month, it pays to save your bank's fraud department's number. 

Not just on your phone, in case it gets stolen. Perhaps it is best to go back to our trusty, old black book. 

A woman who was busy using her phone had it snatched from her hands. The sad part is that more than R630.000 was transferred from her accounts. 

This was before she was able to block her bank information. Although she used her laptop to block her accounts, she was left offline for two days. 

"When her new SIM activated, she found messages from her bank warning her about suspected fraudulent activity on her account. It hadn’t occurred to her to de-link the banking app on her phone, something she could have done on that laptop, too." (Times Live)

Knowler advises the following if you are ever in this situation. 

"If you have a banking app on your phone, find out how you can de-link it via another device so you’re prepared should a thief make off with it." (Times Live)

In addition, she advises that you have your bank's fraud department's number saved, and give them a call too. 

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The thing is as much as having your mobile banking app on your smartphone has become so efficient, it also opens you up to being targeted by criminals. 

It is not advisable to use your banking app in public spaces, because criminals have varied ways of acquiring your passwords. 

As much as using a smartphone has become a convenient part of life, it can also make you more vulnerable to criminal activity. Be aware and conscious when using your banking apps and cards. 

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