Quick thinking truck driver avoids attempted hijacking

Quick thinking truck driver avoids attempted hijacking

Acting out of instinct can sometimes be the best move...

Truck driver and passenger inside the truck
Truck driver and passenger inside the truck/Twitter Screenshot/@sa_crime

We can never get used to living in a country that is ridden with so much crime.

The aftermath of what criminals do can remain with you for an undetermined amount of time - leaving you traumatised. 

Sadly, it is a reality that we have to face.

We received another reminder of what quick-thinking and action paired together can do for someone who is being targeted by a criminal. 

A video that is making its rounds on social media has caught the attention of many. In the video, we see a truck driver and his assistants getting back into the truck after what we assume was a delivery. 

The camera located on the inside of the dash shows a clear view of the three men. 

As they secure themselves inside the cab of the truck, the driver stops securing his seatbelt and begins reversing. From the camera, we can see he is distressed but acts quickly because they are men with guns approaching. 

After he begins driving and manages to get onto the road, we see the man with a gun waving it at the passenger. 

WATCH the video below. Courtesy of Twitter

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