Proud Durbanite shares a festive season miracle

Proud Durbanite shares a festive season miracle

Kindness still exists...

Backpack left in airport
Backpack left in airport/iStock/ekgarin

Many things have left us with a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to the level of faith we have in humanity. 

And we cannot say that we blame people for being bitter and angry.

However, we have found a story which goes some way in restoring that faith.

A story that was recently shared on TikTok by Durbanite Tee Pillay has restored that faith in many Durbanites and also encouraged others to share their kind-hearted stories. 

In the video, Tee shares how she arrived at King Shaka International about a week ago. While unpacking all her things in the car, she left one of the gift bags in a trolley. 

When she got home, she realised that the Carrol Boyes gift bag was missing and she was certain that someone had taken it. 

But her mom suggested that she contact the airport and find out if anyone had left it at the Lost and Found. 

She was surprised to find out that the gift bag was handed to SAPS and nothing was taken. 

Her story truly snowballed into many other people sharing their positive stories about lost items at the airport. It was just the right dose of positivity we needed as we proceed into the second week of 2024.

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It just goes to show that good still exists despite all the bad that we have experienced. 

  • "I once found a denim jacket with quite a lot of cash (notes) in the pocket-ladies room. Handed it to the police there, just outside the bathrooms."
  • "Lost my hair iron in June also at airport some kind soul found it."
  • "We have to believe that good exists. once we have that hope, it will always follow you. good things will always find you."
  • "This happened to me at a Clicks store in Durban. Was so grateful they had it when I called." 

Watch Tee share her story below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of iStock/ekgarin

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