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Rewire your holidays with kindness

This holiday season, ditch the stress and expectations and focus on what truly matters – meaningful connections with yourself and the people who make your heart sing. 

Rewire your holidays with kindness
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In the latest episode of the KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell delve into navigating tricky family dynamics, setting healthy boundaries, and rewriting the script of your holidays to find authentic joy.

"You don't have to live by a script written by other people in your life!" says Paul, reminding us that true happiness lies in forging connections on our own terms.

Whether you're craving new traditions or feeling pressure to tick all the boxes, Jane and Paul offer honest and practical nuggets of wisdom, sprinkled with plenty of laughter and kindness. They explore themes like:

• Setting boundaries for authentic connections
• Reconnecting with your genuine self
• Navigating expectations and prioritizing real joy
• Top tips for staying connected to those who matter most

So, step off the holiday hamster wheel and listen to KindnessCan, below.

Beyond grades on KindnessCan
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Meanwhile, matric results or report card time can be a stressful time for learners and parents - but also a moment of connection and growth. 

As parents, we all know that report card time can be a mixed bag of emotions. So how do you turn this potentially stressful experience into a positive one for you and your child?

In a previous KindnessCan podcast episode, Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell talk through how this can be an amazing moment for connection and growth for families. Listen below.

In a previous episode of KindnessCan the kind duo talked about why laughter matters, the beauty of slowing down, and the magic in connecting in our crazy-fast world. 

Human connection on KindnessCan
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World Homeless Day
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More about Jane and Paul

Jane Linley-Thomas is a radio personality and speaker, mom of three precious children, founder of the Rejoyce Collection.

Paul Bushell is a psychologist, author and regular commentator on emotional intelligence and meaningful living.

Connect with them via their KindnessCan website.

Jane and Paul Bushell / Instagram
Jane and Paul Bushell / Instagram

New episodes drop every second Wednesday from 6am. 

Explore more podcasts from the KindnessCan team in their channel below or get in touch with them via their website or follow them on social media (@kindnesscan).

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