Prince Charles - kicking out Prince Harry and Meghan when he is KING!

Prince Harry and Meghan's future when Prince Charles is KING!

Predictions about Prince Charles' plans once he becomes King reveal that he may take the route to streamline the monarchy, leaving Prince Harry and Meghan out in the dark.

Prince Harry and Meghan's future when Prince Charles is KING
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A royal biographer and author, Angela Levin, has made bold predictions about the path the royal family will embark on once Prince Charles becomes king. 

According to a recent interview with talkRADIO, Levin revealed that Prince Charles has had plans to streamline the monarchy for a long time. His motivation being; to save costs and allow for people to be worthy of the taxpayers' money. Eek! Talk about changing lanes...

The scandal behind it all is that Levin believes that Prince Charles will most likely shun Prince Harry and Meghan from the royal family. All in support of his long-standing plan to cut costs and bring about some change in the monarchy. 

And here we thought that this kind of drama was reserved for 'Game of Thrones'. We can't imagine how things will snowball once Prince Charles takes over, could it be a final cut of the cord for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

The feature also revealed that Prince Charles may even go as far as urging family members to take on jobs, as is done in the European Royal families. 

Levin added that she feels that Prince Charles will take on more responsibilities since the death of his father will see him taking on more in the Royal family and steering the decision making.

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